UDS’s great range of Inspection chambers allow you to create an underground drainage system of extremely high quality. Our Inspection chambers have a high build quality which will allow you to easily access and maintain your drainage system. The products available are designed to do the job well and will last.

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320 Inspection chamber

The 320 inspection chamber has 1 main entry, 2 x 45 degree entries and 2 blanking plugs. The excellent quality will allow easy and effective inspection of your underground drainage system.

450 inspection chamber

The 450 inspection chamber has 1 main entry, 2 x 90 degree entries and 2 x 45 degree entries as well as 4 blanking plugs. The 450 chamber provides more options than the 320 chamber if needed.

manhole covers and accessories

UDS offers a range of manhole covers and accessories that will allow you to personalise your underground drainage systems and blend it in to your property.

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